Op’s Legacy

Op (Opie) has been in the infernal darkness for as long as he can remember. His family is known as the “Khepri Druids”, and now it is Op’s fate to try and give Boganity a new bright future. His great, great, grand mother was the last one to successfully find and reassemble to ancient relic Ouroboros releasing its power to renew life in this realm and causing the light to shine once again… 


Menu Navigation:

  • Up and Down Arrow Keys To Scroll - OR - W and S Keys to Scroll - OR - Mouse Hover
  • Enter to Select  - OR - Left Mouse click to Select

Player Movement:

  • Up and Down Arrow Keys To Move - OR - W and S Keys to Move
  • Up Arrow to Jump - OR - W to Jump

Known Bugs:

-First Level I for got to activate the spring for the only deep hole drop so don't fall or jump in, restart is needed to get out.

-Forgot to activate the lava traps so you can just run through them

-Win screen title text


JimJam host – Tim Ruswick & GDU

Programming & Story – Michel Knowles

Art from the Open Pixel Project found on opengameart.org

Sound sourced from freesound.org

  • Sunsai for Desert Background Music used as the main game music.
  • ShadyDave for Expressions of the Mind Piano Loop used as the Win screen background music.

Support & Morale – The GDU Community!

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